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Archives for October 2016

Tiger Cub Saved in Malaysia Raid

22 October 2016 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Putrajaya, Malaysia, 20th October 2016—In a string of five raids yesterday, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks [Continue Reading…]

CITES Agreement to Fight Wildlife Cybercrime

04 October 2016 | International Fund for Animal Welfare News Release

Johannesburg, South Africa – Cybercriminals are the latest losers at the CoP17 of CITES following the Decision to [Continue Reading…]

No Decline in Tiger Trafficking

02 October 2016 | World Wildlife Fund News Release

New Delhi, India – A new report from TRAFFIC and WWF finds no evidence of a decline in tiger trafficking across Asia, with [Continue Reading…]

Tigers in Crisis is Produced by Endangered Species Journalist Craig Kasnoff

to Promote the Plight of Endangered Tigers and the Efforts to Save Them.