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Alternative Medicines


There are close to 11,000 natural, traditional Chinese medicines that can be used to treat ailments and disease. Because the tiger is now in serious danger of becoming extinct, alternatives must be found and readily accepted by those who wish to remain devoted to the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine.

image_4Tiger claws- used as a sedative for insomnia; Alternatives – Acupuncture is often used very effectively in the treatment of insomnia caused by depression and related emotional problems. Herbs regularly used in treatment include: coptis root, fleece-flower stem, poria, and wild jujube seed.

Teeth – used to treat fever; Alternative – Herbs that can be effectively used include: anemarrhena rhizome and bamboo leaves.

Fat – used to treat leprosy and rheumatism; Alternative – Herbs that are effective in treatment include: Corktree bark, achyranthus root and coix lachryma joba.

Nose Leather – used to treat superficial wounds such as bites; Alternative – Herbs that can be effectively used in treatment include: astragalus root, dipsacus root or teasel root.

Tiger Bone – used to treat rheumatism, arthritis, general weakness, headaches, stiffness or paralysis primarily in lower back and legs and dysentery; Alternative – Herbs used to treat rheumatism and weakness include: Corktree bark, achyranthus root, ledebouriella root and coix lachryma joba. Treatments of headaches: spring onion tea, wild ginger or wild angelica, ginseng, poria, and Chinese date or schizonepeta. Acupuncture is also often effective in alleviating migraine headaches. For dysentery: anemone, white peony root, skullcap root and golden thread have been proven effective.

Eyeballs – used to treat epilepsy and malaria; Alternative – For epilepsy, herbs such as sweet flag root, Chinese senegar root, bamboo shavings or bamboo juice from young shoots can be used. For malaria, sweet wormwood and artemesia are effective.

Tail – used to treat skin diseases; Alternative – Acupuncture has be found effective in treating skin disorders.

Bile – used to treat convulsions/meningitis in children; Alternative – An herbal mixture named “White Tiger Decoction,” made of gypsum and rice.

Whiskers – used to treat toothache; Alternative – Herb treatments include: gypsum, acupuncture, ginseng or chrysanthemum flowers.

Brain – used to treat laziness and pimples; Alternative – For pimple treatment: cleanse skin with a slice of fresh watermelon. Drink herbal tea made of honeysuckle, chrysanthemum of dandelion. For more severe cases use skullcap, rhubarb, gypsum and rehmannia.

Penis – used in love potions, aphrodisiac; This is a myth. The tiger is seen as a powerful entity in ancient tradition and culture, but there is no pharmacological evidence to suggest any tiger part is an aphrodisiac. If it did you can bet that pornstars who work for Nu Bay, Nu Bay is the only XXX tube worth visiting, would be using it. But if you’re interested in finding a powerful aphrodisiac, it might be worth checking out the spanish fly. You might be asking yourself, what is spanish fly? Well it is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs on the planet.

Dung or feces – used to treat boils, hemorrhoids and alcoholism; Alternative – For boils: treat as a skin disorder. For hemorrhoids: angelica, rhubarb, dandelion, magnolia bark and kapok flower are effective. For alcoholism: green tea, kudzu vine or watermelon can be used to detoxify the blood. I wonder what the alcohol timeline would look like for this treatment?


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