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Indochinese Tiger: an Endangered Species



It is estimated fewer than 1,500 Indochinese tigers are left in the wild. However since the tiger has a very wide range, it makes it difficult for researchers to determine the exact numbers. Therefore some scientists believe the numbers may be a few as 1,200.

Indochinese tigers are located across southern China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia Laos, Thailand and eastern Burma. Their habitat is mostly made up of remote forests and hilly or mountainous terrain. Their diets mainly consist of wild pig, wild deer and wild cattle.

indochinese_tiger_1The adult Indochinese tiger males are somewhere between 8-9.5 feet long and females, 7-8.5 feet long. Males weigh 330 to 430 pounds and females, 221 to 287 pounds.

Hunting for trophies, poaching by farmers, and the growing demand for tiger bones in Oriental medicine are key factors for the Indochinese tigers decline. Habitat loss due to population growth is also a major concern.

According to some reports, almost three-quarters of the Indochinese tigers killed end up in Chinese pharmacies for Chinese Traditional Medicines.

It is thought the Indochinese tiger is disappearing faster than any other tiger sub-species with one tiger being killed each week by poachers.


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